A Statement from Pearl Jam UK

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I am reluctantly writing this statement on behalf of our band in light of the events that have occurred over the last few weeks, and the subject of Pearl Jam tribute band name changes.

It is something that I considered writing a few months ago after receiving a letter from lawyers acting on behalf of Pearl Jam, but I thought then — as I do now — that there were (or are) far more important things happening around the world to bother you with something that in the current climate, seems almost trivial. 

We did not want the attention, nor did we want to contribute to any negative reactions or press towards Pearl Jam and the band members who, regardless of this regretful situation, are still people we love, admire and respect.

We would be horrified to ever cause any offence or negatively affect the name of Pearl Jam. We have grown up on their music, all of us being fans since we were kids back in 1992. Their music and ethos have always been a source of inspiration, joy and hope to us just like the many fans in the Pearl Jam community around the world. 

There is no rule or guidebook for being in a band, let alone a tribute. In most cases we all simply look at what other tributes that we respect are doing and think — OK, that seems fine…. In the UK most tribute bands use a variation of the band name, and this has never been an issue until very recently. 

Unfortunately, we are not the only ones being asked to change our name and in effect, start again — something which — coming off the back of a global pandemic and the inevitable economic and social impact that will entail, would be enormously challenging.

Not everyone who comes to a show of ours (or any other band for that matter) follows the band via the Internet, and if any of us musicians just trying to get by will stand any chance of returning to anything like the profile we were fortunate to have before COVID, then every person will matter.

We reach out on behalf of all our fellow tributes to Pearl Jam. To Eddie, Stone, Jeff, Mike and Matt. To their management and lawyers. And to the many fans around the world to ask for their understanding of the circumstances. 

We have always been open and honest about being a tribute in all marketing, branding and promotion, however, in light of this situation we have taken several further measures across our socials and website to avoid any possible future confusion and to make this even clearer than it already was.

If none of the measures taken is enough, then we will, of course, acquiesce to a change of name. We never wanted any kind of confrontation and are currently working with Pearl Jam and their representatives to reach a fair resolution to the matter. We always hoped that our paths with people we consider to be our heroes would cross at some point, but we never imagined that it would be in this way. We hope to be able to update you very soon and put the focus back where it belongs; on the music.

We are all fans. We are all human. We all make mistakes at one time or another, and for any mistakes, we may have made, we apologise unreservedly.

It has been an absolute honour and privilege to play the songs of Pearl Jam for 11 years now, helping in our own small way to bring the songs, message and passion to the wonderful Pearl Jam community who just like us, feel a day without a Pearl Jam concert is a day too long. 

Thanks to those who read this to the end. 

Take care. Stay safe. And WEAR A MASK. (but just make sure you buy it from www.pearljam.com) ?

Kev (on behalf of Pearl Jam UK)

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  1. garywilkins (Wilko).
    23rd January 2021 at 5:48 pm · Reply

    Excellent statement that,and I wish you well with it and hope you get a positive response from Pearl Jam.It’s disappointing to say the least that they have resorted to this.

  2. Ross Alexander
    26th February 2021 at 10:55 pm · Reply

    Hopefully common sense prevails. This does not feel like Pearl Jam given how supportive they are. The band have played Scotland twice in 30 years, so I am planning to see you guys here when we safely can (hopefully later the year). ?????????

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