Alive – A Tribute to Pearl Jam

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Better (Man) late than never….

As mentioned in our previous post from January 21st 2021, we were working with Pearl Jam and their lawyers to reach an agreement regarding the name of our band — Pearl Jam UK. As you will now be aware, we chose the name ‘Alive – A Tribute to Pearl Jam’ as our new monicker moving forward. We are pleased the situation is now resolved and everyone can carry put this unfortunate situation behind us.

To celebrate the new name, Kev (‘Eddie’) performed a Livestream for the first time in almost a year (click HERE to view the show on YouTube) in aid of the mental health charity MIND. Over £600 was raised on the night which was absolutely fantastic, however, the astonishing thing was a donation of $3000 was made from Pearl Jam themselves. This was a truly humbling gesture from the band and one that concluded the months of talks in a way that was befitting of both parties and their commitment to fairness and goodwill.

With the continuing CORONA situation worldwide, we are still unsure when we will be returning to Live performances, so for now, we will continue with the Livestreams.

The next one will be Sunday 27th June across Facebook Live, Twitch and YouTube (@alivetributehq for all platforms) this time raising money for the wonderful folks at Diabetes UK. So, join us once again and celebrate the life, love and music that is helping us through the strangest of times.

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