Jul 18

Pearl Jam UK Music School is now Open

We are very proud & excited to share the opening of our PJUK Music School! Check out our introduction to the school below to see our unique interactive lessons.

Each Pearl Jam song we look at is broken down into sections for easy learning. The song can be slowed down to half speed to help learn the parts and once you have it nailed you can play it at full speed.

There are different views you can select, such as the fretboard or the picking hand, to see which notes or strings are being played.

We have also created an introduction section for each song where we look at the gear used to create the ‘Pearl Jam’ sound and also any alternate tunings.

The first song to be added to the Music School is ‘Even Flow’ so please have a look and let us know in the comments which songs you would like us to add.

Click here for the PJUK Music School

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